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Harcourts North America
August 08, 2022

SILVERTON, OREGON (AUGUST 8, 2022) -- Harcourts North America, the worldwide fastest-growing real estate company, rebrands its office in Silverton, Oregon, into the all-new Harcourts Silverton. 


Same location, brand new attitude. One of Harcourts leading office locations is taking a fresh approach to the real estate industry by rebranding itself as Harcourts Silverton, stemming from the relocation of its former office to the city of Salem. The same winning combo will continue to lead the way with the same expertise and integrity that customers have come to expect and appreciate from the Harcourts name.


Harcourts North America CEO Ben Brady explains the revamped lineup. "Nick Ayhan will take the helm of Harcourts Elite in Salem, Oregon, while Valerie Boen and Korinna Barcroft will keep spearheading the dominance in the Silverton market with a newly branded Harcourts Silverton office." Harcourts Silverton may have changed its name, but the same excellent quality of real estate assistance will always remain intact. Brady added, "This is a prime example of our people internally growing into bigger and better positions. It's wonderful to see the involvement of the Harcourts brand in the northwest."


Harcourts Silverton remains on an ever-growing list of successful offices throughout North America and will continue to impact the Silverton community with the best, highly detailed service possible. Harcourts Silvertons' new location is 119 N. Water Street, Silverton, OR 9738.


Harcourts Silverton is a premier full-service real estate agency specializing in residential sales. They provide a caliber of service and results that go beyond and stand above traditional real estate companies. Wholly focused on people and their community, Harcourts Silverton continually strives to build better relationships with clients from the past, present, and future.




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